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not enough space



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To me, that message from your program looks totally mixed up.   The text suggests an attempt to write to a hard drive that doesn't have enough space, but the SCSI error "Sense:03 Asc:10 ASCQ:00" signifies a medium ID CRC error that your  optical drive would return if there was an error on the medium (disc) while you were burning.

Would you tell me please:

-what operation you were trying to perform
-what you were trying to do it with/on (source file or disc)
-what software you were using (name and version number)
-what menu item you selected
-has your hard drive been defragmented recently (if it's not an SSD)
-and the 'fun' one, please describe how far you got and what happened
-finally (I hope) have you tried doing it again/differently/with a different source file or disc?

Thanks very much.  The more detail you can give, the more likely we are to find a solution.
Regards, Brendon

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