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ECDC5 Labels, and creating them


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Hi! I use ECDC5 infrequently, but occasionally. I would like to save a modified "theme" as a template or new theme, but I don't see how to do it.


I see how to set a theme as my new default pick. But I see no way to save a modified theme as a new theme, or how to make it the new default. Is this possible? Or is it beyond the capability of the Label Creator software? (I updated at some point to ECDC The label software isn't bad at all, but some of the font-size choices and such just are not desirable for my uses, and so I'd like to pick new "default" elements.



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Hi Rich,

I'm surprised someone else hasn't replied to you, but maybe they lack hands-on experience in this.


I'm still using the JCC from version 4 in my system, so I haven't had to play much with CDLabel.exe version 5. There doesn't seem a menued way to do it, although I think you could manufacture a new theme "hands-on" if you really wanted to.


If you have a peep at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\Label Creator\Style Files you'll see the essentials of each theme.


There is a .JWS and a series of .JPG files associated with each theme. Inside the .JWS file there is a 'Name=' field. If you copy your original .JWS file to a new name.jws and put the name into that field in the file (It's only a text file) then Label Creator will read that name and offer it as an option when you go to the 'Change Theme' next time.


You'll have to edit that new .jws file to reflect any modifications you made to the original, but in the end you'll have a new "theme"


Does this help you?

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