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Toast 20 won't mount .toast images...waste of money


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If you are on old time Toast user like me and want to update to a 64bit version for your Mac so you can open old .toast images...don't bother. I already wasted the money and in SPITE of the documentation claiming that Toast 20 mounts images...it doesn't. The "Mount" button is there..but NOTHING happens when you press it. The .toast image will just sit there and you stare at your screen wondering why you spent money on this.

Toast used to be awesome, I love it.

This version = doesn't work.

Save your money OR just keep an old computer with an older WORKING version of Toast that actually works.


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Okay...I FINALLY figured out how to FORCE Toast 20 to mount a .toast image to the desktop on my MacBookPro Intel running Monterey. Ready, here's what I had to do that worked...

1). Double click the existing .toast image that won't mount on your desktop to open Toast 20.

2). Under the "Copy Image File" window in Toast "highlight" (select) your image.

3. Under "Output Settings:" change "Destination" to "Disc Image"

4). NOW click the big red "Save" button at the bottom of the Toast Window.

5).  Give the new image a different name to "Save Disc Image as:"

6).  NOW, select the NEWLY saved .toast image that you just created and select the "mount" button in Toast...it will MAGICALLY mount just fine on your desktop...like is SHOULD have.

7).  VOILA, EUREKA, HALLELULAH...WTH is wrong with Roxio?!?!?!?! What a stupid thing to have to do to get the disc images to mount. Idiots....but...at least this ridiculous work around allows me to mount my images again.

8).  You're welcome!




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