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"Disc failed to be written" error



I'm trying to burn a DVD from my external FW LaCie d2 DVD+/-RW with LightScribe using Toast. I'm having problems, both with 7.1 and 7.1.2 (just upgraded).


Basically, video will encode normally (i.e. without touching the drive), but then AS SOON as Toast tries to talk to the drive, I get a "disc failed to be written" error. IMMEDIATELY putting the same media in my internal Pioneer SuperDrive and the disc writes with no problems. The mechanism for the external drive is a "TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S162L" mechanism, rev LC00.


The drive is on its own FireWire channel on a FW800 PCI card using a FW800-to-FW400 adapter cable; I had the same problem using the drive on the built-in FW400 ports for my Mac (QuickSilver 2003 PowerMac G4).


The drive burns discs fine using Apple software (for instance, I burned a music CD just fine from iTunes).


I've tried figuring out what this error means, but the Toast help doesn't contain the string. Neither does online help.


Can anyone tell me what's going on? Given that the failure seems to occur before the drive begins to write to the disc, I suspect a simple software problem.


Thanks in advance for the assistance.



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