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Music Disc Creator burst of noise between tracks



I create CDs with a selection of tracks that I own on other CDs. For example, I might create my own 'Best of'.

Sometimes, there is a burst of noise after a track has ended. It lasts for less than a second but it is just enough to recognise that it comes from the track just played. I have had the problem for a long time (years) but have been able to get around it by reloading all of the tracks into Music Disc Creator and burning the CD again. However, it seems to be getting worse, that is it seems to be happening more frequently.

Since I first had the problem I have changed by PC, changed the CD drive and upgraded the Roxio software. In other words, nothing is the same but I still get the problem.

I thought that the problem might have been caused when I used the Auto Trim Silence function as I haven't always done that and recently I have created a few dance music type CDs that I wanted to 'flow' better without gaps. I stopped using that function and overlapped the tracks instead and it seemed to fix it.

However, I have just burnt another CD and I got the problem between several tracks. Tracks with an overlap had no problem. Tracks with a gap or zero gap had a burst of noise. 

What is particularly frustrating is that if I listen to the tracks in Music Disc Creator before burning there is no noise. It is only when I burn it to CD and then listen to the CD.

Does anyone have any ideas what is causing this and how to fix it properly. I have considered putting a tiny overlap, say 0.1 seconds, between the tracks but, apart from being 'not right', some tracks need a gap.

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