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Encopding Menu



OK, have Creator 9 installed, created a nice project to burn, nice menu, has it all. Looks great.


When I click on burn, it encodes all the movies just fine, however it hangs on encoding the menu.

Background is a simple photograph, menu items are simple text, works ok in preview, just willnot encode menu on burn.


Using MYDvD and also used wizard, same results. Encodes movies fine, can't do squat with a simple menu.




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More information for the fire here.


First, to answer the question asked above, it is set to software.


I began to try and make sense of this and think Ihave hit on the problem, and it could be a bug.


I began using MyDVD builder and used 5 MPG files that were created using EMC7.5. The files encoded but not the menu. The program was consuming about 95% of machine CPU cycles, so it didn't appear to be hung, just spinning it's wheels.


I killed the process involved and tried other settings to see if I could get it to work, going to a very simple menu with only once small MPG file. Still, this didn't work.


So then I took a different approach. I opened the video editor and edited a new MPG file from the same video capture file I used to make the MPG files in EMC 7.5.


I then started up DVD builder, created a menu added the new movie, and presto it worked.


So, at this mopment it appears that MPG files created with EMC 7.5 will cause issues when using EMC 9 to create the DVD.


This, at least to me, appears to be a major bug. Where the MPG files is created should NOT be an issue when using DVD creator.


If this means I have to recreate ALL the MPG files I need for this project, OK actually only 5, but you get the idea, I'm going to scream :D




Part II


Still having issues, thought about video driver issues mentioned above and elsewhere on this board. Updated the drivers and EVERYTHING works as expected.


Sheesh, who wuda thunk! :huh:


Thanks everyone! :)

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Life is Good!!!


Some years ago it used to be mouse drivers!?! Someone would be having video or other seemingly unrelated problems and they would all go away when the mouse drivers were updated!


If you are trying to use Project files (.dmsm or .dmsd) from an earlier version, most will not work. However a video file, mpg, AVI, etc., should work without any special treatment.

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