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Roxio 6 not seeing DVD writer


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Looking for some help with Roxio 6.


I have done all the updates for Roxio 6.

Firmware for my DVD writer is up to date and ASPI is installed and working correctly.


Roxio 6 appears to be running fine but will not see the DVD writer.


Any ideas??




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Thanks for the info about the FREQUENT ANSWERS link.


The issue is with Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator Home and I am running Windows XP Pro Version 2002 Service Pack 2.


The drive is listed as: DVDRW IDE1004

Serial Number: AD76FD5E

Firmware Version: 0151

Driver is by Microsoft dated 7/1/2001 version 5.1.2535.0


I have only just installed Roxio. Only other changes have been to try and get Roxio to work, i.e. Roxio 6 updates and ASPI


Error messages: if I am in DVD Builder I get a box saying “No recorder detected”

If I run Disc Copier I get “Disc copier could not detect any supporting recorders. Please ensure your recorder is properly connected. If the problem persists, please re-install Easy CD & DVD Creator”


I have re-installed Roxio.

My DVD writer has been in the computer for quite a while and is seen and works well with other programs ( Nero, DVD X-Maker)


I hope I have given you enough information with out giving to much.


Thanks for any help,



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Try this.

Using Roxio Assistant:


Roxio Assistant is designed to correct Engine Initialization errors. If Easy CD & DVD Creator's Engine does not initialize, the applications in Easy CD & DVD Creator will not recognize your recorder.


After running Roxio assistant, you should update Easy CD & DVD Creator as described above in "Updating Your Software to the Latest Version:".


RoxAssist.exe is located at:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\Upgrade\RoxAssist.exe

(Note: If you have modified the installation of Windows or Easy CD & DVD Creator, the file may be located in a different location.)



After running this program you should receive the message "Engine initialized successfully with full recorder support".



If you do not receive the message, update your Virus software and then check and clean your system for viruses. After the removal of any viruses, uninstall and then reinstall Easy CD & DVD Creator (use "Add Remove Programs" in "Control Panel".)


Roxio Assistant: In some instances Roxio Assistant may require the installation CD, not allowing you to "Cancel" with out it. In this case you will need to insert the Easy CD & DVD Creator install disc into your drive so that Roxio Assistant will have access to needed files.




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If you have two Packet-Writing progrqams installed (such as Nero's InCD and Roxio's Drag2Disc) they may fight for the burner, and cause problems. It is advisable to only have one Packet-Writing program installed.


It's not a bad idea not to have any, since what they do best is lose data. I managed to learn about that the hard way.



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Thank you for the link, i may have been unsure at the time as it did not sound like the fault i was having it worked.

Everything is running as it should now.


Thanks to everyone for all the help



Lucky Darnie! I've been struggling with this problem for days with no success. I've been through all the suggestions on the forum (including removal of the filters as detailed in kb/Photosuite/eps000399) After running RoxAssist.exe I get "CD Engine is initialised successfully,please reboot the system to make the changes" Although my drive (Philips DVD+RW-D28) letter (which is G) shows on the Drage-to-Disc) (1) , I try to use any of the applications I get the dreaded message "...could not detect any supported recorder".


All the applications seem to function perfevtly well (except Disc Copier obviously) up to the point of burnin, and then "no recorder", which makes the whole exercise useless. I have no problem burning with Windows Movie Maker oe Pinnacle Studio, so what is the matter with Roxio ? I don't suppose anyone has any further suggestions ?



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First what version of the software do you have? Open Creator Classic up top, help about will give the version #.




1) We have a product called Easy CD & DVD Creator 6

2) We have a different product called Easy CD & DVD Burning (in a red box).

3) The included software is actually very similar.


Item one was discontinued years ago and now support has ended (current content will remain in place on the web). Item 2 is still sold as a bargain product and is still supported.


For either product you are welcome to post in this forum.



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