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Only 4.39 GB to burn to DVD, says need 2 DVDs.

neil simonson


I have just gone from a perfectly good working Roxio Media Creator v 7.5 to v 9.

Now today I am using v9, I have only 4.39 GB of data to burn to a blank DVD. I drag the files to the Project Burn window, I see theres only 4.3GB, the folder with the data is 4.39 GB. But at the bottom of the Roxio window it tells me I have "Estimated 4.39GB on 2 Disc (s)". When I figure its a typo I proceed to burn and get the next confirmation window, where in the details it also says I will need 2 discs, (DVDs).

Well I have never had that before, the blank DVD is 4.7GB of course.

I have selected "DVD 4.7GB" from the selection at the bottom too.


I can't see any updates for v9, and I can't see any options for DVDs and that that sound like this.


Help please... :)



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A quick Google came up with this:


"Be aware, however, that the logical format (UDF, FAT, HFS etc.) as well as any defect management system employed consume space otherwise available for user information. For example, DVD-RAM can dedicate as much as 184 MB (192,937,984 bytes) on a 1.46 GB disc,....... and 515.94 MB (541,000,000 bytes) on a 4.7 GB disc."

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But with Roxio 7.5 and any other program (Nero) I could put a 4.7GB DVD in and burn 4.69GB to it, so to speak. Just odd that I have only 4.39GB to save today to the DVD and it wants to use two DVDs. I had to remove 830MB before it went down to one DVD, and then it said 3.9GB.

So being a new version to me and looks different a bit I figure I screwed up somewhere before I started :) Nothing else changed, same media and burner.

Strange numbers I never saw before. I can't be just putting 4GB on DVDs when I used to put 4.7GB on. I'll read about it a bit more on the weekend.




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A 4.7gb DVD holds about 4.3gb of data, always did, always will…


Some of this depends on 'how' it is reported by the program. The 4.7gb number comes from the way the Marketing department wants the label to read, whereas the 4.3gb comes from programs who use a real computer math (1024 bytes = 1kb). If you ever looked a 3.5" floppy closely, you will see it says it holds 1.5mb. Good luck trying to get more than 1.3mb on one!


But regardless of what program you use or how they choose to report the info, these capacity of a DVD has been predetermined by but a set of international standards and no software is going to change that.

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