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Joliet Limits


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james_hardin wrote:

You are running headlong into two separate but related limitations, the Operating System and Joliet file system…


Joliet Standards:


Filename – 64 characters max

Pathname – 128 characters (full path + filename)

8 subdirectories max

4gb file length limit


Nothing is going to change that, not V6, V7 or anything else!


Operating System: NO, Win9x or NT operating system can read past those limits on a CD!


XP/W2K can read past them but then you have to be able to create a CD without using Joliet…


V6 & V7 can create such a CD but only if you choose UDF for the file system and set NO Bridge for the option. But keep in mind no Win9x/NT machine can read past Joliet limits.




Additonal Information from James_Hardin:


Only thing to add, and this is important too, is to turn off Validate.



No Bridge

Validate – Off


Validate checks directory/file structure based on Joliet! Thus if you set the other two, it will issue a warning about file lengths, and you will be right back where you started.


Personally, I think that it is a bug but it appears Roxio does not agree.




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