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Toast DVD making



Hello all!


I have a ton of movies in variable formats; AVI, MPEG2, MPEG4, MOV. Toast always does the "Encoding video" thing before it starts to burn a DVD. It takes a while to do, sicne these are pretty big files.


What is Toast converting these into? Can't I simply convert them to that format on another product and save myself the time of Toast doing it?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Toast is encoding it to MPEG 2. Your existing MPEG 2 files should only need to be multiplexed which goes pretty fast. If Toast insists on encoding the MPEG 2 files then go to the custom encoder settings window and choose Never next to Re-encode. Toast still will re-encode video that doesn't meet the video DVD spec such as your AVI's and .mov files.


Using software other than Toast to encode the MPEG 2 video won't save you any time and the quality may not be as good as Toast's encoder, which is very good.


You can see what Toast is encoding by opening the Roxio Converted Items folder. By the way, this folder is automatically emptied when you quit Toast, so change Toast's preferences if you don't want those files automatically deleted.

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