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Question about creating DVD menus in EMC 9



You may have seen my post in the EMC 8 board regarding the following DVD creation requirement.


I want to create a DVD with the following two objectives:


1. The DVD must be created from a single mpg (or project). This is so that the DVD plays smoothly from beginning to end. Perhaps you have noticed that if you create a DVD from mulitiple files (or projects) there is a short freeze of a second or so between files.


2. The second objective (this is where EMC 8 apparently reaches a limitation), is to have only one menu page on the DVD that references several chapters. (In EMC 8, you are forced to have a second menu page to be able to reference chapters.)


myguggi from the EMC 8 board states that there is no software that can do the above. I have asked him to confirm this with a reference since I find this limitation surprising. I have yet to receive a reply.


Can anyone confirm if EMC 9 can or cannot meet these two objectives?

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ggrussell: I find it interesting that you have not observed this problem. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. The short freezes (about a second or so) show up for me regardless of which product I use (not just Roxio software). Perhaps you would be willing to check some of your DVD's to see if the short freezes are there and you haven't noticed them?


The reason I say this is because I have brought this problem up (can't remember which forum, might have been Ulead) and the response was that this is a characteristic of DVD's. If you use more than one mpg (or project) to burn a DVD, there is a short pause while it retrieves the next file. The 'best practice' is to always use just one mpg (or project) on a DVD if you want smooth play from start to finish. Of course, if you return to the menu after playing each menu selection, then this is a non-issue, but if you want smooth play for the entire DVD, you have to use only one mpg (or project).


Edit: I neglected to respond to your second point.


Are you saying that you can meet the two objectives I mentioned in my first post? If so, I am probably going to upgrade to EMC 9. Is there a trial version of EMC 9? I can't seem to find one.

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I can assure you that I have not seen this problem. I have created over 100 family video DVDs from mutliple clips and still images. No one in the family has ever mentioned seeing any 'freezing'.


Reread my response to #2. Technically, you can't do what you want, but MyDVD 9 can create an unlinked button that can be definited to 'play all'. This only works for individual 'movies' that have been added to the main menu.

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1: Personally, I have not seen this problem. I almost always have several files when creating my family videos and the video DVD plays back smoothly.


2: Walt is correct. That is the industry standard. ANY video on the 'main menu' is considered a 'movie' or title - not a chapter. But with EMC9 you could get around this. Split the 'chapters' into separate files. Add them to the main menu as separate 'titles'. Then create an unlinked button that 'plays all'. As far as I know, that is the only way to create what you want.

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