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Direct CD 3 and Easy CD 4 Supported Drives


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I set up a system running Win98SE a while ago with Easy CD Creator 4 and Direct CD 3.


It took several attempts to find updates compatible with the Memorex Twelve Maxx 1032 drive, I know I had to not use lastest Direct CD update. I recall it was 3.03a that worked for Direct CD.


However this drive has now died and I need to replace at minimal cost - which means buying off eBay.


However I need to find out which drives will be supported by both products and which updates.


Possible drives are

LG GCE-8320B 32 x 10 x 40

Ricoh DVD reader / CD Writers 9200A or 9060A


Any guidance or links appreciated.


Or are the supported drives listed somewhere on the computer?



Thank you in advance.

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Here I am (yaaawn),


Hello Delta,


I don't know what the "supported drives" list says, but here's what I see looking into the various versions of the actual software.


GCE-8320B is supported first in Creator 5.02e and Direct CD 5.10


MP9200A + RW9200A need Creator 4.05 and Direct CD 5.10

RW9060A (the only 9060A) needs Creator 4.02d and DCD 3.01e or better.


Does this help you?

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Thanks for your helpful replies.


Unless I have missed something the supported drives list only refers to Easy CD Creator with no mention of Direct CD.


Is the list in software versions reasonably accessibly to anyone or only those with inside or very detailed knowledge/experience?

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