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I have EMC 9 and absolutely love it; however, I am having a problem with one item in a current production.


In one panel I have a scrolling message which I want to fade out at the end. The setting options for motion of text doesn't appear to provide a "fade-out" at the end, but I thought putting a disolve transition after the panel would take care of it. However, the transition "jumps" to the next picture without fading. I have tried different transitions, eliminating the transition and re-inserting, changing the duration, etc. But to no avail. I've checkied the transitions throughout my production and they all seem to be working properly.


Any help you can suggest would be appreciated. This is for a memorial service, and I really want it to look professional.



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Subsequent to my question about a transition that wasn't working properly, I double checked the production and find that this is an issue throughout. It appears it happens on pretty much every second photo.


Please help!




No need to start a new thread every time you make a post related to a thread you started already. :)

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