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8mm home movies to DVD



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High tech transfers scan each frame to digitize them but it is expensive…


There is backscreen projection device, consisting of a mirror and frosted screen that I bought and used for mine. You project onto the mirror and set your camcorder up in front of the frosted screen. Works well but you might have to get creative to get around a 'hot' spot from the projectors bulb.


I used an external microphone plug to defeat the camcorders onboard mic. Some have a menu option to turn it off.


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I have some very old, 8mm, home movies that I want to put on a DVD. I know I can rent an old projector and record using a camcorder. Are there any other ways?

You could pay someone an exorbitant amount of money to do that. It depends on the value of the film to you if it is worth it.


8mm film was recorded at a much different frame rate than what is used currently. When you do record using the projector and camcorder, this will cause a severe flicker. I don't know of any way to reduce that using this program but maybe someone has a work around. Variable speed projectors help.


Here is some information that might be helpful. There are other video processing programs that will help reduce the flicker.

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