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Copy Disk to Image Error



Have NXT 7 Pro, Windows 11 Pro, Intel i7 10th Gen and 32GB of Ram, 500GB SSD for OS and Apps

Drives D and F for Data with 3.6TB each and more than 2TB free on each Drive

I am receiving this error message creating an ISO or GI images:

"There was an error writing the image to your hard drive. Please make sure you have 3.8GB free on your selected Drive, then try again

Sense: 03 ASC:11 ASCQ:00 (Command 28)

px.dll:, PxAFS.DLL:, pxdrv.dll, PxMas.dll:, PxSFS.DLL:, PxWave.dll:, pxwma.dll: 1, 0, 0, 3"

I have tried in both of my Disk Drives:  D and F both are 3.6 TB with more than 2TB free each.

Can someone help with this error? 


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Hi efl,

The errors you're getting don't make a whole lot of sense.     Something seems screwed up, but I can't work out what.

-The first paragraph suggests you've run out of hard drive space while creating your image, but as you show you have lots of space on your hard drives

-Sense: 03 ASC:11 ASCQ:00   is a SCSI device error code which reports a "medium error" and translates as "Unrecovered Read Error".   I've seen these reported by optical drives, but never from hard drives.   It might be possible for a hard drive to report this error, but I've never seen one.

-The PX listings are the version numbers from the files in Roxio's "PX Engine" which is software that interfaces between your optical drive(s) and the Roxio programs, and typically they are shown when you have an error reported by your optical drive.

I think Windows 11 isn't compatible with your Creator NXT 7.  :(      Creator NXT 8 would not run under Windows 11 ( see this thread from the NXT 8 forum) until Roxio released a Service Pack 4 for NXT 8.      I haven't been able to find a similar service pack for NXT 7, and I doubt whether they ever wrote one - they've moved on to NXT 9.

I'm sorry I can't help further.


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