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Some videowave questions



Now that I (finally) EM8 have suite configured and working, I'm struggling with some videowave issues. While I'm pretty self sufficient with most apps, I'm running into some limitations and I'm hoping someone can point me in right direction. I'm trying to create a sizable slideshow (1000+ pictures) as one continuous movie. My stumbling blocks include:


1. Displaying multiple pictures on a screen (similar to 4 picture display in myDVD slideshow). In order not to exceed DVD disk capacity, I need to display multiple pictures cycling quickly (or I will be limited to roughly 700 photos). When I check the videowave help docs, the transitions seem to be full screen. How do you select the quarter screen display like in myDVD?


2. Setting options (such as transitions and delay timings) on a range of pictures in my slide show. For example, I'd like the first 100 pictures to "dissolve" and next 50 pictures to "page flip" etc. Although I can "select" multiple transition icons, when I try to set the resulting selection to a transition it either does one slide or asks whether I want to re-set them for entire slideshow.


3. Syncronizing the audio track (or songs) with the pictures. Everytime I make a minor change (change a transition, move a slide, etc.) my entire audio track (multiple songs) gets out of alignment with the slides. I'd like to be able to say, this "start playing the song on this slide and play it until you run out of slides or song".


I suspect that both #2 & #3 above are tied to managing a single large slideshow rather than a 8 or 10 separate slideshow "segments" (where a segment is a group of 100 or so pictures with a common transition them and "sized to fit" one background song each). Is there any videowave feature that would allow me to work on this production as a set of individual slideshow segments and then quickly pull them together for the final effort. I tried inserting multiple vw slideshows as "movies" into myDVD, but each resulted in a new menu item that needed to be "played" (rather than a continuous slideshow).

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Not sure about number 1.


I don't think you can select a certain number of slides with one type of transition and then another number of slides with another transition when you select "multiple Transition Icons" I have done what you want but not with anywhere near the total number of slides you have in your production. I just started out by using a random transition set for all and then manually changed a certain number of slides to another same transition and then did the same for another set of slides.


As far as I know the timing for each slide is directly associated with the timing for an audio file. Example: if your audio file in the production is say 3 minutes and you want it to completely play all the audio file, then you would have to change the timing for the slides involved in that particulat audio to add up to the same time as the length of the time for the audio file. (i.e. 3 minutes = 180 seconds and you want it to include 50 slides then each of the 50 slides time would have to be 180/50 = 3.6 seconds each) Just place the audio file to begin at the first slide you want the audio to start at.


Not totally answering your posted problem but hope that helps some.



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