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Somebody else with the "exact same problem"


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running 98se with lg 4480b dvd cdrw

when I try to eject either push button on recorder, out of explorer or through d2d

it comes up with recorder is busy try later

I have to shut machine down to eject disk



I have the exact same problem and my firmware is up to date. This is just one of the many problems drag to disk is causeing not to mention other things.

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"Necro-posting" or attaching a comment to a long-dead thread, isn't very useful for you or other users.


I doubt that you have the "exact same problem", because you say your firmware is up to date. You might have a similar symptom.


If you have a problem you want the users here to help you with, please describe it clearly and concisely.


Make sure you also tell us your software name and version number, operating system name, and make and model of your burner.

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