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MyDVD UI issues.



I've created a DVD video using MyDVD by adding a single movie clip & 6 chapters with a button for each chapter.


Navigation (via Preview) does not step thru each button in order (as shown in Project View). The buttons seem to function just fine (i.e., it will play starting at the designated point in the video clip). This bug has existed for at least the last 2 versions of EMC. Very frustrating. Chapter 1 is associated with Button 6 in "Settings, Link, Play From:" drop-down. It plays Chapter 6 as it should, however, if I try to change the setting in the drop-down to Chapter 6, the drop-down will either display blank or eventually crash MyDVD (no error, executeable just disappears but will restart & be VERY slow).


There is a similar problem with the "After Playing" drop-down. Perhaps it is because I have some items with no text? It seems to be an error in managing the data structure used for the button list (a linked list of some sort I imagine). If I drag & drop the buttons from one menu to another in Project View, the links really get messed up! Fix this data structure & I'm sure a lot of other stuff will be fixed as a "side effect"!


Is there a workaround for any of these issues?

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