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problem with .dvr-ms files in MyDVD



When I burn standard home video to DVD using EMC9's MyDVD, no problems. However, this is the process when I try to import and burn .dvr-ms files (tv recordings from media center):


- I click on "add new movie" and select the appropriate .dvr-ms file.

- I get a transcoding message saying "To use this file, it must be converted to an editable format. The original file will not be affected. Would you like to convert now?" If I select YES, I'm prompted to select a place to save what will be the new file, the transcoding takes place and an editable file ends up on the timeline. If I select NO, the message changes to, "The file you are trying to use cannot be edited and has not been added." Obviously, if I want to get anywhere, I choose YES. I also notice that I now have two similarly sized files of the same TV program, which can quickly take up hard drive space.

- After I'm done toying around with the project, I click to burn. Everything goes as planned until a certain point, depending on the project. With one VCD project that was only a few hundred MB in size, it froze three separate times at 97% overall progress. Below the progress bar, the current task read as "creating VCD" at 10% each time. I would let it go for hours at this stage, no advancement. So, I would cancel it and try again, but I would then get a message reading, "Burner in use: The burner you are trying to use is not available." (I threw a music CD in the drive for giggles and it wouldn't read.) I'd have to use task manager to end the MyDVD program. After it closed, I was brought to my desktop where all icons disappeared but the wallpaper was still intact. Then I'd reboot.

- Another project using a DVD this time stopped me at 40% overall progress and 47% encoding the current movie. This happened twice at the same spot, but the difference was that I could cancel and try again successfully without needing to reboot or having any other difficulty.


So, I don't know. Is it because these are .dvr-ms files? Because they were all edited with Videowave first? Because I hadn't exported them to my hard drive through Videowave and then imported them to MyDVD? Sorry for the long read, but I'd appreciate any feedback.


Here are my specs:


HP Pavillion running XP media center 2002 service pack 2

Pentium 4 HT 3.0GHz processor

1.0GHz RAM

225GB hard drive

Radeon X600 pro (0x5B62) version 6.14.0010.6587 @ 256MB

DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)


To my knowledge, my drivers are up to date...but I could be wrong :)

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