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Reuse It!


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You can always reuse the CDs -




http://familyinternet.about.com/cs/kidscra...aarecyclecd.htm (the pop-ups are bad on this one)

http://www.cdrfaq.org/faq07.html (go to question 7-9)


This should absorb at least some of your surplus.



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You can them and lay them on flat surface touching each other and super-glue a second layer on top to fill most gaps and a third for all gaps. Use it as a wall or ?

It you leave them is the sun (before glueing) for a few months, the labels will wash of with a garden hose and jet nossle.

It will be shiny on both sides.

Leave them exposed a long time, the refective stuff comes of to and you have clear discs and some with a tint depending on the maker.


All of the above is even better and much stronger ( the super glue binds very fast and strong) with 5.25 hard drive discs ( smaller discs work the same to) and no weathering is needed. You can use it as a giant none glass mirror. Watch the smudges from human fingers, they are permanent





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