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Cannot Burn All of Disc


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First off hello to all, lots of good info here! I just purchased Easy CD & DVD Burning.

If this has been covered before I apologize, but I was unable to find a similar problem having been posted.


Long story short, when I try to burn a dvd using Disc Copier, the transfer stops at 96% and shows that 2.8GB of 2.9GB has been transferred. This happens whether I'm burning to a DVD+r or trying to save to my hard drive using Disc Image as the destination. Here is the error message that displays:

D: Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616E ("unrecovered read error" [03/11/00]).


If I use the DVD RW drive as the source for Disc Image, the same thing happens with an error message of:

E: Phillips DVD+RWDVD 8631 ("unrecovered read error" [03/11/00]).


I have never had any problems with either of those drives playing CDs or DVDs so the problem has to be somewhere in the Creator 6 program, not with the drives being defective. This all occurred before any updates were installed.


I did download and install all the updates from this site figuring that might correct the problem, but then I was only able to open windows in Safe Mode and had to use System Restore to undo the downloads :)


I'm running XP with Service Pack2 if that matters.


Thanks in advance for any help. As it stands now, I cannot use this program.

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Open Classic and click on Help – About. What version number do you have?


While in Classic under Tools run the System Tests. These will need a Data CD & DVD to run. Laser is OFF so there is no risk to the media.


Since the problem seems to follow the disc everywhere it goes, maybe you could tell us a little more about this disc and the data on it?

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