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create audio cd from multiple cd



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I need to create audio cd from many cds by selecting specific files...what is the easiest method?

Might not be the easiest but I would create a new folder and export the songs from each cd to that folder. Of course, you could just open up Music Disc Creator and take the songs off of each cd as you want them then burn it but if the burn is unsuccessful or you have a bad disc, you'd have to start over. Saving them all to a folder that you can delete later is just a safety valve.

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And if the CD's that you are taking them from are "CDA" file extensions and you want to transfer them to a new folder on your computer as "wav" files you can use "Creator Classic" and then copy the files from the original CD's. Then to make a custom CD that will play in your CD player, you can use EMC to make a new CD from the WAV files in that new folder that will again be CDA file extensions.


Using the BEERMAN's suggestion is probably the best way to go as then you will always have them to do with what you want later, without having to go through all that work again.





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