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Limited User Cannot Burn Data CD



Running, installed for all users. Everything fine until recently.


Locking down my system (XP Home, SP2, Fully patched) I changed one of the users from ADMIN to LIMITED.


Now, when this user burns data CD's in Creator Classic, I get coasters.


No errors are reported, but the CD's are unreadable. (If I turn verify on, it ejects the CD after burning, and asks me to insert the CD I just burned. If I pop it back in, it just ejects it again. Obviously isnt able to recognize it.)


If I change the user to ADMIN, the data CD burns fine.


Only happens with data CD's -- Audio CD's burn fine. Also, other LIMITED users on the system have no trouble bruning a data cd. The only one with problems is this one user that I recently switched from ADMIN to LIMITED


I searched around in the registry, trying to find a setting that might be accessing a directory that the user cant access, but couldn't find anything. The user has unrestricted access to the cahce directory.


Any ideas?

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Problem Solved:


For the user experiencing the problem, I did the following:

  • Log in as the user, run Regedit, delete ROXIO from HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Roxio
  • Quit regedit
  • Deleted Documents and Settings\(user)\Application Data\Roxio
  • Rebooted
  • Ran roxio

Now creates data CD's just fine. (Next step was going to be to reinstall, but this did the trick.)

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