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MyDVD- no video in Win Movie Maker 2




I'm new to Video editing so please excuse my dumb questions. I transfered analog VCR footage to my PC using MyDVD 5.2. I saved the file as an MPG and can see the video and hear the audio in both MyDVD and Windows Media Player. However, when I play it in Win Movie Maker 2, there's audio only and no video.


Does anyone know what happened here? If I am using Win MM2, do I have to do the capture using this software and not use MyDVD to capture?



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MyDVD creates videos in MPEG2 format. MovieMaker doesn't understand this format unless you have a stand alone MPEG2 decoder (not the one included with Sonic) to decode the video so it can be read in Movie Maker. But this doesn't really solve your problems because there is no guaruntee that it will actually work since Movie Maker is relying on this foriegn decoder to process and edit the video which is very rare to be fully compatible. Chances are you'll never successfully edit MPEG2 in Movie Maker because of the incompatibility.


You have two options:

1) Capture in Movie Maker in DV-AVI format, edit, and then import into MyDVD

2) Capture in MyDVD in DV-AVI format (not always an option - only for firewire capture) import this into Movie Maker, then export DV-AVI and import this into MyDVD.


Option 1 will probably retain the most quality and is more seamless.

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