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VOB format and MyDVD Premier 8

mark D


To give you an introduction to my issue. I purchased a Dell PC with Media Center and a Dual TV Tuner. MyDVD LE was included and fairly functional until you wanted to do something like edit a recording. So, I decided to upgrade and was presented with MyDVD 8 Premier as the " Best" choice. I paid and upgraded and the first thing I hit was that when a DVD-MS file was converted the audio was out of sync with the video. Not a good first impression. I posted a question through online support and they came back with you need to defrag your HD... Yup that was helpful... (good thing I got that answer after I found the hotfix on this area) Hotfix corrected that issue.


So after that I could import a DVD-MS and remove commercials. What I found however was that there was a quality drop that occurred. The shortened version suffers from horizontal lines. I am not sure what to call it but when there is action past a certain general movement of a video you notice an "interlaced" effect. Not there in the original recording.


One of the second reasons I was interested in this was that I have some 8mm home movies. And since the capture card on the computer doesn't specifically support an RCA connection, I tried using my DVD Recorder, a Sony DVD that does both + and - RW disks. (RDR-GX315) I set it to record HQ, and transfered the 8mm to Disk. Put it in the computer and it can't import it.


I was looking into Easy Media Creator 9 and I think it can do what I need it to do. Since I had already forked out $70 for MyDVD Premier 8, I sent an e-mail to Sonic asking whether I could do an upgrade which seems to include everything I have plus some of the things I need. I also stated I wasn't impressed that information was so unclear about the various products and what they do and include. The upgrade to Easy Media Creator 9 I had considered earlier but it wasn't clear if it would be a correct upgrade. I opted for MyDVD Premier 8, but they were only about $10 apart. Knowing what I know now I would have purchased the more expensive product. Sadly I have not had a response yet to my inquiry.


1) It would be nice to be able to pull commercials out of a TV show I want to save to DVD but the quality degrade removes the benefit for me.


2) I would like to pull content from DVDs created by a DVD Recorder VOB format and edit the content.


3) It would be nice if sales answered and helped someone determine the correct product for their needs



Any other comments about how I could accomplish my current needs and any guideance would be appreciated. I am also surprised there isn't a category for MyDVD Premier 8 like their is for Easy Media Creator 9. It doesn't seem to get the same support recognition.



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