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Need information on new versions


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My software guru has told me to check out the review so many times I actually remember the advice.


(When I was looking for an AV program, the comparison review marked down the one I chose because if I have to contact them with a Virus it would cost more; I marked down Norton 2005 as threatening to burn out my 400MHz processor on the WinXP; the Microsoft one was marked down by the reviewer for failing to catch viruses - I suppose it's been improved since then. But I digress.)


I'd suggest going to google and put in whichever Version you are interested in, followed by the term system requirements - and compare the requirements with your computer. You should have MORE than they say you need. (amazon.com is always very good about having the system requirements)


I'd recommend checking EMC (Easy Media Creator) 7.5 (a combination of Roxio's EMC 7 and some Sonic products after Sonic bought the name and software from the company formerly called Roxio and now known as Napster), EMC 8, and EMC 9. Bear in mind it is possible to run EMC 7.5 with either 8 or 9 as long as you only have one Version of Drag2Disc. (Packet-Writing being the hazard that it is, you might consider not having any.)


Also read some reviews (including amazon.com's). BTW - there are some major sytem requirements for EMC 9, especially compared to Version 6. It will work fine if you exceed those minimum requirements, but not if you have less than that.



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