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A new optical 3D data storage technology


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Imagine taking the entire collection of historical documents at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and storing it on a single DVD.

University of Central Florida Chemistry Professor Kevin D. Belfield and his team have cracked a puzzle that stumped scientists for more than a dozen years. They have developed a new technology that will allow users to record and store massive amounts of data -- the museum's entire collection or as many as 500 movies, for example -- onto a single disc or, perhaps, a small cube.


Belfield's Two-Photon 3-D Optical Data Storage system makes this possible.


The team's work with lasers and lights has other practical applications. Belfield and his colleagues in the Department of Chemistry are exploring the use of light to detect and treat certain types of cancer.



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Maybe it's my imagination, but it seems to me that people who have nearly filled a Packet-Written DVD/RW when it goes to blank seem more frantic than people who have just lost a Packet-Written CD.


What will the response be like (in emotional terms) if one of these things fails? :)



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