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burning problems and copying issues



hey everyone, I'm pretty "up" on the features and the use of the program EMC 8 but I've been having issues that I hope someone can identify with. Computer is: hp celleron basic with lightscribe (seems to do ok)


problem 1: videowave will preview/play ok but then when watched on dvd it will hang/skip/freeze

I can watch a disc on dvd player it will play fine and then the next time it will hang really really weird

(Is the problem with the burn...cause it doesnt skip in the mpeg video?


I have tried to

:render to mpeg then into my dvd

:have had most success with making an iso!


Problem is taking iso with disc copier to make a dvd. Yes, I've tried several brands of media! It will do fine on one lightscribe or regular dvd, and then the next one I'll get the medium error or the sync crap.


Question of the day: Is it better to reburn iso or just copy the dvd? I tried to copy with copier to no avail


Now, I'm trying iso in they data tools part of my dvd. It "seems to be working"



I know these are hard to explain without a ton of info. I'm not sure if a better video card would help with the rendering issues since I'm in "software mode"


I'm just wondering if the new 9 software seems to do ok.. I'll go buy it today if it gets rid of these problems!


I'm happy to cooperate give number what not if someone needs them!

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A Celeron processor is below the minimum specs for the program. I would venture to guess that is why you get the hit/miss burning problems…


For Players, brand of media can make a difference too. Top brands like Verbatim produce the least problems. Likewise many Players work better with a particular type of media, 'plus' or 'dash'. Some eat anything you can get the door closed on, but others are more particular.

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