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Orignal Music Cd Shows As Being Done By... Perry Como?





I'm attempting to use Toast 6 to burn original music tracks that I've produced and recorded on my Mac using various music sequencing software and virtual instruments.


I'm having no problems with audio.. its what shows up in Toast or iTunes that's perplexing. Before starting the burn process, I enter the name for the album and track names. Yet after burning is complete and I eject the disk, then re-insert the disk, both Toast and iTunes indicate that the CD is a Perry Como album, and the track titles are different than what I entered as well. I'm guessing that this phenomenon has to do with the way that Toast interfaces with the Gracenote online CD database. Is there any way to either override this or otherwise have control over it?


Interestingly, I do not run into this problem when burning my original tracks onto a CD using iTunes; my album and track titles show up just as I entered them, even when the CD is read by Toast.



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The CD title and track names that appear when you insert an audio CD are what is written to the Mac's CD Info data base file. They do not come from the CD itself. That database file is only written to by iTunes or by CDDB download; Toast doesn't modify that file. So you can change the Perry Como title and wrong track names by entering the correct info in iTunes. Apparently your Toast-burned CD has the same number of tracks and track length as does that Perry Como album so that info was downloaded from CDDB.


Toast can burn CD Text info to the CD itself which iTunes cannot do. But the Mac OS doesn't read CD Text. There is a handy Applescript available that will transfer CD Text info to iTunes available here: CD Text to CD Info

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