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TIP: How to Remove All Pan & Zoom Settings



I added Auto Motion to all pictures in a slide show I'm building using VideoWave. At first I like the effect, but now I think it's making me sea-sick (really!). Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any easy way for VideoWave to remove Pan & Zoom settings from an entire production and I was really dreading the tedious task of setting Pan & Zoom to None on 150+ pictures.


However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that VideoWave productions (*.dmsm files) are actually plain text files containing XML. With this knowledge it wasn't too hard to figure out that Pan & Zoom settings are contained within <PanZoomEffect> and </PanZoomEffect> tags.


Here's a quick way to remove all occurrences of those tags and everything contained within them using Microsoft Word.

  1. Close VideoWave.
  2. Make a copy of your production .dmsm file. I am not responsible if something goes terribly wrong.
  3. Start MS Word.
  4. Make sure "Confirm conversion at Open" is enabled by going to the Tools, Options, General tab.
  5. Open your production .dmsm file.
  6. On the Convert File dialog, select Encoded Text. Word will automatically select Unicode encoding.
  7. Select Edit, Replace and enter this string in the Find What:


    FYI: * is a wildcard to match everything in between the start and end tags. The backslashes (\) are needed to tell Word not to treat < and > as wildcards.

  8. Click More and enable Use Wildcards.
  9. Click the Replace All button. Since we have not supplied any Replace With text, Word will simply remove all occurrences.
  10. Close the Find and Replace dialog.
  11. Save the file and click Yes to save in the Plain Text format.

When you open the production in VideoWave, all Pan & Zoom settings will be gone.


I hope you enjoy this tip -- it saved me a ton of time!!

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