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How to Burn Successful Batch Audio CD's



Hello guys & Gals!


I just wanted to put something into this on a good point and to get away from all of the problems I have been seeing here.


We are talking about that really cool "Music Disc Creator" that version 9 has included in this paskage.

Look at this screenshot!


Have you tried to burn 35 Audios CD's at once before?


The first time I did this I just drag n" dropped the folder with 2500 hours of music, but I could not get things to line up right so I selected New Project and No to keep what I had. I then started adding the first few CD's one at a time and always keeping in mind the title of the last track. As you do this each time the newly added items come up as Orange in my screen and the others are gray. You would just move the slider on the right to where you see these color mixes and take a good look at this area. You see this program will fill each CD automatically by defualt. If you recall I placed the last CD's track in mind before I dropped the next segment in so look for it. Find it? Great!


Right click the first track of the newly added segment and select add or remove break. When you do this it makes the first track as track one and it then lists the tracks as they appear inside of that segment. If these are not on the correct order you can right click the file that is not in sequence and select Tag Editor, change what you want and select done and continue. While you are doing this it is a good idea to start writing the labels on the CD's and then placing them top down in a stack on the desk.


Now once you have all of your material and I hope that you also checked Max Volume too as you where adding them, if not it is not to late. Take your stack of script labled CD's and flip them back over and move the screen with your right cursor slider to the very top or click the page and/or Cntrl-Home. Left click Disc one on the left side of the screen and then Project Settings in the center for it to pop-up. Fill in the title, artist, CD Text and Volume Max at least then okay and place this CD Face down again on your desk and continue until when you look on the left side you can see all of the titles, at least most of it when your done.


Since you should be the bottom of you nearly completed project, left click the very last file in the project once and move the window view to the right as far as you need to see all of the check fields. By using Shift and holding it down and then strike the up arrow key on your keyboard each time all of the way to the top. You should see all files in Orange ( I do) and look at Transition Column and click the very top and it will let you enter the gap in seconds that you want for the entire project at once, at least 1 second.


Okay, your all ready now! Make an area to place the CD's once they are burned face down and turn your stack of CD"s face up and insert the first CD of the project and wait for the system to recognize this CD.



Press on the Burn Button on the right and the Burn Options will appear. By all means, do take your time here and look it over carefully as these can be your defaults for the future. You want the CD Text, Burn Proof, speed 8, and read only at least. At the bottom of that pop-up select close on successful complete on the left and then ok.


What is going to do is it will gather up all of the files and place them under your temp directory. It then will read all of the MP3 files and claculate the Max Volume Level and for every file too. Then it will add the CD Text and then all of the files that you wanted on that disc and then close that disc and open the RAM door for you. Remove that new CD #1 threw nent face down and add the next CD with the viewable scripted label into that same drive and close it and walk away. On my system it takes about 10 minutes a CD at a Speed of 8, if your not interested on high quality use what ever speed you would like as this is one time you need to take your time in the burn process and not be concerned with the screen as this is a Batch Job.


When it is all done the last CD will be ejected and the Burn options screen will be closed. I hope this helps those who wanted to know how to setup Batch Processing for Audio CD's.




I do have one Con on the whole process! If you look at the very bottom in the above screenshot there is an idicator for the number of CD's and the time and size of the ouput. Why does this not show which disc is being made and why does it not reduce as the project progress's threw the Batch Process.

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Wow, that's a lot of music. Thanks for the info.

Personally, I wouldn't suggest doing this as it would be easy (by not paying attention) to mess things up. However, you have given a good description of what you've done.

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