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P2 vs T712...



Even though I have Toast 7.1.2 I've been having excellent result with P2.


I was curious about the compression "rates" in both.


My father wanted a "movie only" copy of a movie that was on a DualLayer DVD. He does not want to watch/listen to most of the other garbage as he calls it. He just wants to pop the movie into his TV's DVD player and bang have it start playing without all those promotion movies etc etc.


I set P2 to burn the movie only from a DualLayer DVD movie and tried the same in T712.


I saw two different compression rates albeit the difference was not gigantic.


Excuse me because I'm just one of those guys that stews about those things especially if I don't have a fully understanding on how those compressions are calculated by each programme.


Are the compression engines the same in P2 and T712?

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The compression is the same. However, there is a UI bug in Popcorn 2 that shows the compress will be more. Toast 7.1.2 is more accurate, but the results will be the same with both.



There is also another bug albeit it may be the same bug you are talking about.


Just last nite I tried PopC2 and T712 on the same movie. One success one failure. Then I tried another movie with the two different programmes and both failed. Then I tried a 30 day trial version of DVD2oneX and success each time.


I am at a loss to understand what goes on under the hood of each of those 3 programmes.


Now let it not be thought here by the Roxio programmers that I am bad mouthing their programme because I am not. I still find PopC2 and-or T712 far more elegent and idiot proof to use by this goof versus DVD2oneX. To preference the settings in DVD2oneX is sure a pain in the studio. BUT when you see the pile of failed DVD burns you have to wonder about a lot of things.


I am still faithfull to the Roxio programmes I have and besides my OS X preferences are set to launch T712.

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