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Smooth AVI fims to DVD figured out! NTSC only



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OK, Everone ignore what i have said. I just realized I was set to PAL, which would give propper playback framerate. The reason I didnt catch it, is beacuse I was only playing the dvd on my computer and Xbox360. The computer can play PAL no problems, and I just found out that the xbox360 converts unprotected pal DVDs into NTSC. Sorry to all I gave hope to. Still anyway, 3:2 pulldown converted DVDis still my #1 most wanted feature of Toast. Sorry to get all hopes up.

FYI, If you hve an xbox360, you can get smooth framerate if you choose PAL, but the DVD will only play in the xbox360 (or any oher dvd player that converts PAL to NTSC).

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