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Help! Videowave and MYDVD lock up entire computer



I'm crashing and hanging in EMC 9 and I can't find any solution on these discussion boards. Let me post again here and see if anyone can offer ideas I haven't considered.


I purchased the EMC9 upgrade in August and used it (Videowave and MYDVD) with great success to edit my inlaws 50th wedding anniversary video, which was about 35 minutes long. The only thing I couldn't figure out was how to get the thumbnails on the menu buttons to be visible.


Flash forward to two weeks ago. After reading a post on another board here, I updated my NVIDIA videocard drivers. Success! I could see the thumbnails.


Soon after, however, I lost all sound from my soundcard. I updated my Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2 drivers and installed new associated software from their website. Success! My sound was back.


But I then noticed that Videwave was running much slower, and locking up on occasion. I reinstalled the NVIDIA drivers again. I defragged. I rebooted. And rebooted. No success.


At this point, when I open a previously edited Videwave production and merely play it, I experience a complete lock up within seconds. I couldn't even close the program via Windows Task Manager. I had to turn off my computers power button. Same thing happened when I tried to opem MYDVD.


I did manage to open EMC 8 and I found the Videowave software in that version was functional. However, it didn't read correctly some of my transition effects because they were elements of EMC 9. In any case, I paid for version 9, I want to use it! This is incredibly frustrating!


I am trying to make a couple of minor edits to a production, burn a bunch of DVDs and send them out as Christmas gifts. I've spent all week trying to figure this problem out. Does anyone have any advice?


I'm a little confused about how tech support works if you actually call Roxio, but I think they will try to charge me. How much?



This is what I'm working with:


Dell Dimension 4600i

Pentium 4 2.67 ghz

512 MB memory

NVIDIA GeForce 5200 graphics


Can anyone help? :)

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I did call tech support and solved the problem. I had to uinstall Internet Explorer 7. I had seen some posts about a conflict with IE7, but I couldn't logically apply that scenario to my situation. I swear I thought I installed IE7 back in October. Wouldn't I have had Videwave problems after that? It didn't make sense.


I was also directed to make sure I had in fact downloaded and installed the NVI??? drivers. Well, for some reason, I hadn't. Again, I had no doubt that I downloaded the proper files and went through the Installation Wizard. I did it again, and discovered the corrected date on the drivers on my computer.


The Roxio tech guy said a fix is coming for the IE7 problem, but for now I should live with IE6.

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