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burned dvds flicker

hardys friend


I just upgraded from Easy Cd+DVD 6 to EMC 9 and now have a very annoying problem. DVDs burned on my Panasonic home dvd burner flicker (picture and sound) like an old 8mm movie. They also do this when I play them on windows media player. The really strange part is that they copy correctly! I copied one that flickers on my computer and played it on my home dvd player and it works fine. I only use name brand +R media. I've tried movies burned on three different brands of media and they all do it. They all played and copied perfectly before EMC 9. Any thoughts or advice would be great.

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Apparently when I installed EMC 9 and unistalled 6 and Power dvd I lost portions of my dlls. This is what my more computer savvy friends told me. By going to my video card website and downloading new drivers the problem seems to have gone away. So this is a caution to the computer novices out there. Be prepared to possibly do more than just "load and play". Thanks for everyones help.

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Just a quick thought: check that you didn't burn to the European standard (misnamed PAL in most stuff)


European TV runs at 25 fps and the US system (misnamed NTSC) runs at 30


The reason I say 'misnamed' is that NTSC and PAL are the colour systems and have nothing to do with line or frame rate

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I saw this thread title and it does seem to apply in general to my problem. I am experiencing a visual flicker/shutter on burned DVDs especially on movement...pans, graphic fly ins, and even hand waving.


Through reading certain threads I see a kind of check list to trouble shoot the problem, but I wonder if someone can clarify.. I've seen check graphics card for latest updates (graphics info below ), graphic test in MYDVD with tool options. (red dot stays on Hard drive. ) But what do the results tell you? Or is this about certain settings in MYDVD or about output from Videowave. All the files I have brought into MYDVD from Videowave have been AVI, MPEG and then quicktime from an outside file..


Thanks for your input.




HP Pavillion dv6000z

AMD Turion TM 64 x2 mobile TL-52 (1.60Ghz)

256MB NVIDA ® GeForce R Go 7200

2.0GB DDR2 SDRAM 2x1024 MB

120 GB 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drive

2 Lacie 250 external HDs

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