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Buffer overrun detected in RoxWatchTray9.exe



I waited before upgrading to EMC 9 and guess what... I get only problems.

I installed EMC 9 and got "Buffer overrun detected". I uninstalled it and installed it again.

Same. I downloaded the patch bo_hotfix and it did not work. I still get the same message.

The best of all that is when I reply the C++ error message, my laptop just freezes and I'm good for a reboot.

Great stuff.

I hate Microsoft, please don't make me hate you guys too.

I'm a mainframe software engineer working in a 24/7 environment, if I was working like this I would not have a job.

I would appreciate some help because if I can't fix quickly all the issues I will get I'm ready to kiss the money I spent goodbye and uninstall EMC 9 and you will never hear about me again.

10 years ago the big thing has been invented "plug and play", you install any hardware or software and bang it works! Guess what, we are still wating for this.


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RoxWatchTray is part of Media Manager.Try right clicking on the icon and hitting "Stop watching folders".This will stop it from running.As you probably know you can also go into msconfig and stop it.

You don't have to have Media Manager running.See if this stops the problem.


This is a users forum so we're just here trying to help out.True,Roxio employees do check here once in a while and maybe someone will see this and pass it on or try and help out.

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