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Backup Program



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Well, if it were me, I'd backup those original still photos to DVDs using Creator Classic. ( You also might want to consider storing them online with a free service like Yahoo, AOL, Snapfish, etc.)


I'd also backup the correspondence using Creator Classic to DVDs or CDs.


DO NOT use Disk Spanning. Take the few extra minutes and create separate projects so that you're writing less than the capacity of the CD/DVD.


As for backing up your hard drive, it depends on which version of EMC 7 you have. Back Up My PC is in version 7.5 but not 7.1. The other programs suggested work too. A second hard drive and/or an external drive are another storage option.


The most important thing is to protect your pictures and documents and Creator Classic is your best choice for that.


Always double check that the data on those CD/DVDs can be copied back to your hard drive with Windows Explorer. You need to make certain that there is nothing wrong with the media.

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Which program in the suite is best for backup?


I pressume Ill use DVD

140 GB total on F drive

33 GB in still photos

35 GB in slide shows made from still photos, no video

1 GB in correspondence (Word)


In this case, your best bet would be Backup MyPC or Ghost, or in my case both. First it is a true backup software, unlike Roxio Backup, and they do compression of the data. As to what to backup too, DVD is fine for a disaster recovery type, but have you thought about LARGE external drive for at least in between backups. Again for my disaster recovery backups, I use DVD and in between I use a 400GB external drive. They only thing you would have to do with it during a DR backup is dismount it so the DR doesn't see it and backup the backups. DR backs up everything on the system for recovery.

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There are two different types of backup - the data and for system recovery.


If the idea is to backup your photos & slide shows & other files you've created, go with Classic Creator and DVD-R or DVD+R. Make a couple copies, and don't store them together.


I tried BUMP with the older computer once, and when I tried to use it on a program that'd gone flaky, it did nothing whatsoever, while crowing it was effective. I'll let someone else comment on it. NOTE: it will only work on a system that is already running and has BUMP installed.


For system recovery, use a system recovery program, such a Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image - and an external Hard Drive, which is fairly cheap thse days. You'll need USB 2.0, altho if you have EMC 7 you presumabley have a new enough computer that it came with USB 2.0.




(Edited to include DVD+R)

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