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Backup Problems/Questions



I just started using this program the other day, mainly for backing up data to an external drive. While doing some initial backup tests to make sure everything will work as I need, I ran into a few problems.


1. I have several backup jobs created. I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it, but I created an individual job for each client that I have (client_1, client_2, etc). Is that a good or bad idea, or should I just have made one big job called Clients? I figured that my way I can just go in and easilly find a client that I know I needed.


Anyway, I ran full backups for each of these jobs. Then I made some changes to the files in those folders to see what would happen when the job was scheduled to run. I changed all the jobs to incremental and scheudled a time comiing up. When that time hit, it said no changes were needed. I did a manual refresh and it found there were actually changes, so I burned each job that needed it. I made more changes to files, then closed Roxio for the night. This morning, the Job list was up and it showed that there were two jobs that needed to be saved, but it didn't do it automatically. I had to again go in and manually do them, althought I have them all set for Automatic Daily.


Any advice on this?



2. I have a couple jobs that have folders that are 5+ deep, and if I try to back these up, I get a message saying the folder structure is too deep. What’s the limit and why?



3. I have my backups set to verify written data. Sometimes can’t verify a good write. It's happened a few times and only been using it a couple days. What causes this and is there a remedy?



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