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Svcd to I movie



I have hi-8 movies and can burn them on my old win platform using pinnacle 8 video editing software.

Once rendered, I burn them to an SVCD. Now I try to get that file in to toast.... get errors, etc,etc.

However, I was able to import it and it showed that it was reading the files, but although the file showed up in opening spotlight ( mac apps), I cannot open it. The same is true of a video -ts file, can't figure out how to

convert either a video ts or svcd to a format to a file type that I movie hd 06 recognizes.... Help?? :)

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I am going to skip the SVCD one because VCD formats are not very well supported on the mac in general. Just put in yoru disc with the video_ts folder, use the media browser in Toast and select the Video (in the video layout) for toast to work with. Then use the extract function to convert that to DV video that iMovie can edit.

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