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I recorded a tv show on a DVD recorder at my hi-fi system. It is beautiful there. It plays well there.

I took the CD to my computer. It shows up as a read only folder called Sonata_volume, and there is nothing in the folder. Getting info on it shows that it is formatted UDF, with 4.3 GB used.


sony rdr-vx500 is the recorder. I finalized the disc. It plays just fine in my sony recorders and players. But not on the Mac.


I tried to see it with toast, but that did not work either. It just shows up as a locked folder named SONATA_VOLUME


VLC sees the same SONATA_VOLUME, but again there is nothing in it, and it does not play.


Is there any way Toast can copy this DVD into a format my Mac can read?

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With most discs recorded on standalone recorders Toast can copy the disc using the Copy window and it can extract the videos from the disc using the Media Browser. However, a few users are reporting that the titles appear locked in the Media Browser and cannot be extracted by Toast. Yours is the first I've heard that doesn't even display a VIDEO_TS folder in the Finder and doesn't play on the Mac.


I don't know what to suggest other than trying again with a different brand or type of media. Try DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW or DVD+RW. Also, Toast can extract VR-mode titles from an unfinalized VR-mode disc.

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