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Disc Copier Problems



Has anyone else observed these problems with Disc Copier.


1) After successfully making N copies of a home-burned DVD

I then reset the copies desired indicator to another value

(Say from 5 to 2). But when I start the copy process it reports

that it is still going to make the original N copies, and it does.

The new setting on the copies desired is ignored.


2) When making 2 copies to DVD from an ISO image the first

copy completes normally, the disk ejects, but the disc copier

"progress" dialog box is stuck at 100%, does not ask for the

next disk to be inserted. The only option provided is to hit the "cancel"

button. But to no avail. The App is hung and has to be killed

through Windows (XP SP2) task manager. Thanks for anyones help.

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Yup, I've seen this - it will do the first run, then get stuck on the second set of discs. There seems to be a few people posting they have this issue.

Hopefully Roxio is aware and tracking this.

Regards, Mark.


There have been some users who have this problem. I have not tried it, myself, but may give it a shot today to see if it happens to me.


I do know that Roxio has been made aware of this situation.

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