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Brian from OKC


I just downloaded EMC9 last night, and uninstalled my old EMC7. I'm enjoying the improvements, but I'm having a problem changing the thumbnails on my menu buttons. There's something about that Select Thumbnail screen that my machine just doesn't like. It opens up just fine, and I picked out the frame that I wanted, but when I hit OK, everything freezes up. I had to shut down my machine with the power button. (btw for the Button Style, I'm using the butterfly with "Abc" below the picture, centered, in black font.)


I decided to play around with this a bit and see what I could learn. So after a few reboots, I went back in to change the thumbnail again. But this time, as soon as that Thumbnail window came up, I cancelled it immediately, just to see what would happen. MyDVD then returned to the main Edit screen as expected -- but then froze solid again a second later. After the next reboot, I tried creating a fresh new project, left all the defaults alone, added one title, and attempted to change the thumbnail on the title. Same result.


Here are some possible clues: A couple of times, I was able to shut down the machine via the Start button instead of pressing the Power button. When I did, Windows told me that it couldn't shut down the application "CMPSSoundCtrl", so I killed it and Windows finished shutting down. The next time around, it was "RoxioCentral33" that was hung up.


Finally, I should add that the program is running verrrrrry sloooooowly in all areas. Maybe it's a related problem. Any advice on how to get it up to speed, and how to change my thumbnails without freezing?


I have 768 MB of RAM and 2.00 GHz, I'm on Windows XP, SP2. I have a Dell Dimension 4550. As you can probably tell, I'm not much of an expert on this stuff. Let me know what other system specs would be useful.


Thank you.

Brian, Oklahoma City

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