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Videowave Locks My System Up When I....



Hi all, have another question for you.


( On a side note: I see that this question has been posted earlier, here are the details that cause my problem)


This has happened to me on three occasions, the first two times I didn’t really know what I did to cause it, this last time however I think I now know.


When working with a clip in VideoWave, within the Production editor, timeline view…. On the timeline ruler if I click on the timeline pointer to slide it left or right it works fine, however if I happen to slide it past the window view to move down the timeline, my system acts all messed up.


The clip will continue to play in the preview window, but I have no control of my system. The mouse pointer will move around the screen but remains frozen in the double arrow view when you click on the ruler pointer.


There seems to be no way to stop VideoWave from controlling my system. Windows Task Manager shows VideoWave 8 as not responding, I’m unable to shut it down with End Task.


The first two times happened when working in MyDVD, before I was aware editing should be done with VideoWave.


I’m unable to do anything when this happens, only to shut the system down and suffer a loss of my unsaved work.


Is this a know bug? Some sort of conflict with my hardware maybe?


Any help is greatly appriciated, and in advance thanks,




System: Dell 5100, P-4 3.2 GHz, 1 GB ram, 256 MB PCIe ATI Radeon x600 video card.

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Okay, after posting this I went back and tried the same thing several times... everything work fine, system did not freeze... maybe it is something else causing it. Sorry to bother ya'll




You aren't bothering anyone. It is good that the problem resolved itself, somehow. Just another mystery of computers and software. :)

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