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Why does project size double if I touch a mpeg file in DVD builder?



I'm trying to create my first DVD from a home movie. Video capture to mpeg-2 file on hard disk is no problem. However if I touch the file (even to simply trim the beginning and end then the disk project size doubles and the result won't fit on the DVD disk. Is this expected?




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Normal depending on the source file…


Guessing you are using something like a DivX file which is highly compressed. Builder or VideoWave will have to uncompress and recompress it if there are any edits to it. When recompressing, it will use a fixed setting.


At Best Quality, a 4.7gb DVD will hold about 1 hour of video. Video is measured in time just like an Audio CD so file size is a meaningless measure.


There are some 'tricks' to get more than an hour on a DVD which you can browse around here and find. Understand that once you exceed the 1 hour mark, quality degrades.

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