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Hauppauge PVR 150 MCE and capture options



:) I am not sure what is going on here...


Roxio Media Import finally seems to work well with analog video capture when I use an approved card. I am using a brand new Hauppauge PVR 150 MCE (32 bit drivers installed) capture card.


I have one big problem... I can only capture in the three MPEG-2 levels. According to the help menu, I should also be able to capture in VCD and DV. I believe both 1of these files are less compressed formats. I prefer the bigger, less compressed, files for editing.


Does anyone know why I do not have the DV or VCD option available to me? I am using a supported capture card.

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:) Man, that is funny.... This is more rocket science to this than folks realize...


I have heard of people building super computers that do nothing but video editing (i.e. no virus protection, e-mail, etc...)


So, what is the best consumer/prosumer grade capture card that Roxio supports?

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I went through about 10 analog cards and ended up just buying a digital camcorder that has pass-through feature. Better supported and have a new digital camcorder to record future family events, too. <G> With the prices dropping, that may be a better choice.


Prices are also dropping on set top recorders which could be another choice, but some users still have trouble getting those recorded videos into Videowave/MyDVD.


A TV card is good for watching and recording TV. :)

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:huh: Yes, here is the rub....


I only have a limited need for AVI capture since I now use mini-DV as my recording medium... IMHO, mini-DV will be the medium that stays around in the better consumer/prosumer video cameras.


The biggest crisis I have with any MPEG encoder (Hauppauge card or desktop recorder) is that highly compressed formats are not ideal for editing and re-compression. I am sure that is why camcorders that write MPEG to a HDD or a DVD are not prefered by people wanting super crisp image files.... :)

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