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Placing black space between chapters



I am new to this product and it seems to work well. However, one problem I have is that I cannot get chapters to actually start where I place them. By the time the DVD moves to that spot and starts the movie and few seconds of the front end of the scene is not played. What I would like to do is place about five seconds of black screen between my chapters.

I tried lenghtening the trasitions (dissolve) to 10 seconds or so, but that does not result in a black screen-just a slow transition.

I then recorded some black screen on my camera, captured it, sliced it into five second scenes, and inserted them between the chapters with dissolve transitions on either side. But when I try and play the section to see what it will look like it doesn't want to play the black scene, but just skips it and goes immediately to the next scene.

Any idea how I could get some black screen between chapters?

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