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New burner - burning makes reboots


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Sorry to be repetetive, as I think Lynn answered my problem in the FAQs. Probably! I hope for confirmation if so.


My old CD-R/RW burner (2002) perhaps began to fail...I got some error messages via Norton Ghost and then had some balky read operations. Certainly seemed "iffy," at least for a short period.


So I just got a new burner, actually a DVD Writer (Samsung SH-182D, November 2006), and put it in my old machine: Win98 SE, P-233, 128 Meg RAM. BIOS sees new drive. Windows sees new drive, and ECDC5 sees drive. But, when I try to burn to it, when it looks like the progress bar is to switch to the lower part of the window for actual burn, the computer always reboots! Is this because the drive is not supported, as Lynn says in the FAQs? I've tried a half dozen times and more...Copy disc CD, make Data CD-R with large and small amounts of data, and Audio CD-R. Always reboots after seemingly processing the data and getting ready to burn. Never any error message, just a full reboot.


Interestingly, I tried my old version of MusicMatch Jukebox (7.10, from 2002), which still had a few "trial" burns in it, and it burned an audio CD just fine!! Plays in a real CD player perfectly!


But ECDC5 yields a reboot when it seems to be about to burn. Black screen, DOS view of BIOS startup stuff...the full start-over deal.


So, please confirm: I assume that means ECDC5 just cannot handle the new burner? Or is it something else?


Other items...I did try the Roxio updates. I already had installed, done in 2003. I tried the update-burner list ~ driveup5.3.5.10v.exe +/-, which I see from Lynn's post is way old at 2004. I also tried to look at the drive list, but the link Lynn gave no longer gets it...entering: http://rpp.roxio.com/drives/?page=supported_drives took me to: http://www.roxio.com/enu/solutions/roxiolabs/default.html a list of Roxio programs. Oh well.


Thanks in advance for your attention, and I'm sorry to bother all of you with a mundane, basic question.



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Hi RichU,


The list of supported drives has been taken off the site by the administrators, so that link is dead now. It wasn't very accurate anyway.


Now, your SH-182D isn't recognized by Version 5 as you suspected. I'm having some trouble working out Samsung's numbering system, but the only SH-xxx series known to ECDC5 is the SH-352 which was added in version 5.3.5R.


Your old Musicmatch didn't use the recognition system ECDC used, so it would burn even if it didn't know the drive. Musicmatch was also notorious for killing Easy CD Creator 5 because it interfered with ECDC's burning engine.


Which brings me to the last item. If ECDC looks up its internal drive list and doesn't recognize your new drive, it should just pop up a "no supported drives" error and return control to you. It should not cause a reboot. It looks as if your ECDC burning engine may have been disrupted by something (MM ??) so that execution is being sent to the wrong address and crashing the system instead of popping up the error.


It's not worth chasing that fault down since your drive isn't recognized anyway, just letting you know ECDC doesn't usually throw its toys out of the cot like that when it doesn't know the drive.

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Thank you very much for the prompt reply and the information, Brendon!


So be it...the drive isn't and won't be recognized. It is odd about the reboots, but I accept your speculation and will take your advice and just move on.


As my dad often said, the only thing constant is change!


Out of curiosity, though, why does ECDC use a recognition system if software like MM can burn without it? And fyi, I only tried MM as a desparate test, having used it to burn only maybe 4 or 5 times in several years, and they were probably very soon after installing it and realizing that I had some test burns available for audio CDs. I have used ECDC5 Platinum essentially exclusively for years, many times and with much success. But the drive seemed to begin to fail, so I had to change burners.


Thanks again. Really! At least I know to move on and quit struggling to diagnose a problem.



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Newer programs use something called (I might not have the name quite accurate) Dynamic Drive Detection - they ask the drive what it's called, and the drive answers, and then they get along.


Older programs had a list of all the drives they were likely to meet, and were unable to deal with anything else without an edit to the registry (which Brendon is the resident expert of).


Version 6 has both, altho seems to fail when you get into technology two or three years after its last update (DVD-DL).



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