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Videowave rendering problem.



I have started using Videowave. The aim being to author a DVD in My DVD using various movie clips edited in Videowave, rendered to dvd quality and saved to file.

Started ok and edited 4 x 10 minute clips.

Outputed them to file.

Make Movie Settings when rendering were:-


Rendering using Hardware.

Video File.

DVD Playback.


MPEG-2 for DVD, normal quality.

Normalise Audio checked.


As I say the first 4 attempts went smoothly.


When I started to render the 5th, 10 minute clip it went for 8 frames then stopped.

The Hard Drive could be heard "grinding away".

Left it for 10 mins which was unusual because the first 4 renders were done quite quickly.

Still no advance.

Tried to cancel rendering but it wouldn't.

Task Manager confirmed the usual that Videowave was not responding so I had to end the program. Luckily I had saved the clip as a DMSM production so I could try again.

So I thought maybe Videowave was "a wee bit tired and had gone for a lie down" so I reebooted.


I started Videowave up again and imported the saved DMSM clip and tried again. I tried:-


"Rendering using Software" option.

No "Normalise Audio".


Same result each time.


Also when the clip is now imported into the Preview Pane it wont play from the beginning.

If I move the cursor to a point further up the Timeline the clip plays.

If I move it up the Timeline again it plays but with no sound.



This latest disapointment is another frustration for me as I have "parked" 2 other problems I am having with EMC9 ( Runtime Error, cant burn audio files, and none recogniton of DIV X files) to try and get something creative to work successfully with this software.

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Defragging may help, and I hope it does, but it looks to me that the 5th clip is a corrupt file.


Analysed Hard Drive.


Doesn't need defrag.


I'll do a new edit of the 5th clip and try again.


How can an MPEG movie file become corrupt then?

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