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DVD movie - questions



I burned my first DVD of a slide show presentation! I've incorporated music and text into it. Overall, when I played it on my DVD player, viewing it on a 46 inch TV screen, I'm happy with the images, music, etc. This is my first time of working on a project. No skipping, music & images were in sync.


I've got a couple of questions though:


#1 - some of the text appears cut off. When I previewed it in MyDVD, it displayed all of the text in each frame. Is this a setting on my DVD player that I need to adjust?


#2 - also, the "stop", "pause", "rewind", "fast forward", and "play" button didn't display. How do I get that to display? Otherwise, I have to use the remote control of my DVD player to stop it.


#3 - at the end of the slide show, it would start playing again. I had to manually stop it with my remote control. What is the fix on this?


Without this board, I don't think I could've done this project. The book is ok, but there's so many good tips and advice out there. Patience and just working with this is the key.

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I can't answer the rest but overscan on the TV set that you're looking at seems to be the problem with cut-off text


In domestic TVs, a 5% overscan is normal - the service tech will have set it up that way. However, while this is easy to do accurately with a transmitted test card it's pure guesswork on a normal broadcast signal so what may have happened is that the overscan is a shade too large


'Overscan' btw is there to stop you having black edges to the picture - this is due to the fact that a normal TV doesn't have square corners (they're round) so it's set so that the edge of the sides and top/bottom are just off the edge of the screen

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Hopefully this will help:


#1--I am assuming that then text that is cut off is do to the TV safe zone that is cutting off what you can't see. There is an option that you can trigger that will show you that safe zone.


#2--Not sure


#3--In the burn setup there is an option "After a Title Finishes Playing"--there is an option to select "Repeat Title" in the drop down box. This could have been checked.





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