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Bill Gates on DRM


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  • 3 months later...
It's a trap, remember your PC phones home to Bill !



:ninja: It can only phone home to Bill when It's connected. ;)


Isn't he the guy who said '640 Kb is enough for anyone'? :D


:lol: He's also the Guy who said of the 386DX running win3.1 "I don't see why anyone would need a more powerful PC than this." or something along those lines.

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You're necroposting Richard (doing things to long-dead threads).


In the three months since this thread died, much has changed in the DRM scene.


If it's truly dead it should be locked or deleted, if it isn't locked or removed it's still alive.


AH DRM has only one course; to continue to become more restrictive


Cheers :ninja:

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